ClientView and alternative tools

ClientView and alternative tools

ClientView and alternative tools

Getting new agency clients and providing exceptional results is the dream, tracking them is a nightmare.

When it comes to tracking client results for ad agencies, there not many tools available, especially ones that let you see all your clients and key metrics in real-time.

That's why we made ClientView. A tool that helps marketers track all their clients and key metrics in one place and that is updated automatically.

However, even if you use ClientView for your client tracking, you may be curious of what other tools are out there.

ClientView is the only tool that we know of today that is designed for day-to-day client management and optimization.

But if you're looking for other agency specific tracking tools, we've put together a list of our favorites.

What is ClientView?

ClientView is a tool to help marketers and agencies see all their clients, all their leads and sales, all in real-time.

This way you or your team no longer need to manually pull client data from ad accounts and other sources.

The result? Increased efficiency by up to 86%

ClientView is designed like a traditional tracking sheet and works by unifying your clients ad account and CRM to display real-time metrics

You even get instant alerts on rising lead cost or broken back-end integrations.

For example if leads we're no longer going into a clients CRM, it would let you know.

The difference between ClientView and other agency analytic alternatives is that ClientView is built specifically for bulk client result tracking.

ClientView is the hub to your agency's media buying team.

Empowering them to shift time and energy away from tracking and more on creative work like testing new offers, Ad creative, landing pages and more.

ClientView Alternatives:

ClientView is a product I am very proud of. Our users have been incredibly supportive in giving feedback and it has improved so much since we started in October of 2023.

The tool is slowly becoming the heart at hundreds of leading digital agencies around the world.

However, there are other ClientView alternatives out there too.

Here are five marketing analytic tools that you might have heard of:


Managing multiple client accounts can be overwhelming. You need an easy way to create reports and dashboards to visualize performance.

AgencyAnalytics offers customizable dashboards and white-label reporting, making it an excellent choice for agencies needing extensive integration and user-friendly reporting. However, it may not be ideal for viewing all clients in one place. It excels in bulk client KPI tracking, but the client management options are somewhat limited compared to other tools.

AgencyAnalytics Dashboard


Reporting is essential for showcasing your work to clients, but it can be time-consuming. Automated reporting tools save time and provide consistency.

Swydo focuses on automated reporting and monitoring, with easy setup and strong customer support, making it suitable for straightforward reporting needs. However, it lacks advanced customization and deeper client-specific insights, which might be a limitation if you require detailed, personalized reports for each client.



Data aggregation from multiple sources is crucial for comprehensive analysis. Without it, your data can become fragmented and less useful.

Improvado excels in data integration and advanced visualization, ideal for large teams needing detailed insights from various sources. However, it’s not built for quickly viewing individual client data and has a steeper learning curve, which can be challenging for smaller agencies or teams new to data aggregation tools.

Improvado Dashboard


Ad optimization can really impact campaign performance. Using AI can streamline this process and improve results.

Madgicx is really cool because it leverages AI for ad optimization, providing actionable insights and sound audience targeting. It’s excellent for enhancing ad performance but is less focused on bulk client KPI tracking and detailed client-specific reporting, which might be a drawback if your primary need is effective client management.

Madgix Website


Accurate attribution and tracking are essential for optimizing ad spend. Without precise tracking, it’s challenging to know what’s working.

Hyros specializes in A.I print tracking and multi-channel attribution, helping agencies optimize ad spend with detailed insights. While it’s powerful for tracking and attribution, it may not be the best fit for comprehensive client management across multiple accounts, especially if you need a single-view dashboard for all clients.

Hyros Dashboard


As you can see, there are many alternatives to ClientView available on the market. Some tools are tailored for digital agencies, while others focus more on specific areas like ad optimization or advanced tracking.

Which one is the best? For me, it’s got to be ClientView. It’s simple, affordable pricing and is a game changer for client management.

However, the best tool ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. It’s of course important to choose a platform that aligns with your goals and client management needs.

Why not give ClientView a try today? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Tye Howatt

Co-Founder & CEO, ClientView