What clients want from a marketing agency

What clients want from a marketing agency

What clients want from a marketing agency

If you’re starting an agency you’re probably curious to know what clients expect.

This all depends on the type of agency but in reality it all comes down to results.

What ever problem you solve with your services, clients will expect it to be done at a high-level and with little time, effort and sacrifice on their part, regardless of cost, so it’s better to charge more if you can.

What the market expects:

The agency space has grown to be competitive. The traditional “run your ads” agency falls on deaf ears today, the market expects more.

Today we see jaw dropping guarantees with overwhelming social proof alongside “Done-for-you” lead generation and nurture offers, meaning a call center has been built to message, call and book their clients leads for them.

Coaching is now a large piece in the agency space. Getting clients leads is one thing but coaching them on how to convert leads into paying customers is another.

Without the right training and processes the leads you generate for clients will almost always go to waste, you will be called bad at what you do…

“My leads suck! 😡” - Angry client

In reality they do not have lead nurture sequence to follow, they say the wrong things, take forever to respond and may ghost leads in general.

Coaching sets a higher bar because one can only coach others if they know more.

And people often don’t take advice well from those who have not been in the same trenches or achieved greater success in the same field. Authority matters.

I believe the bare minimum today is the following:

  • Cookie-Cutter Offer: An offer that works so good for your clients industry and works in all markets, every time. For example the “Free 6 week challenge” by Alex Hormozi.
  • Creative: Vault of Proven to work ad creative to cycle through. Plug and play.
  • Lead Generation: Dial’d lead generation system complete with either lead forms or DFY landing pages. (Proven framework, their logo and colors)
  • Lead Nurture: Have a strong conversational based follow up sequence for new leads and booking reminders.
  • Processes for your offer: For example, giving your clients a “challenge sheet” to give to their customers to complete the “6 week challenge”, providing a detailed sales script and training and showing your clients how to nurture leads.
  • Guarantee: If you can not guarantee results, you do not have a proven system. Provide an authentic guarantee that is exempt if they do not follow your process.

This is what I believe to be the absolute minimum for starting an agency today.

The bonus is building a call center or implementing A.I to message and call leads to set an appointment, taking all the work off your clients hands and in return producing better results, because business owners are busy and forget to respond to leads.


Clients exceptions are a doubled edged sword. They of course will only expect what you agree on. But clients in search of an agency will expect industry standard and if you do what you said and they later realize you do far less the norm, they will fire you.

To be in the best position you want to create a simple and scalable solution that works for all clients in any market, easier said than done…

If you are able to get more customers for the business you work with you will win.

if you can get them more customers without any more work on their end, they will never stop working with you because you make them money and their lives easier.

Before you go:

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