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All the tools you need to confidently track and manage your clients results — in one place.

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Upgrade as you grow.

All the tools you need to confidently track and manage your clients results — in one place.

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Track 0-25 clients


/ forever

Track 25-50 client Accounts
Real-time Alerts
Basic Client Filters
Email Support
Meta Integration & webhooks

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/ month

25-100 Clients
Real-time Alerts
Advanced Client Filters
Priority Support
Meta Integration & webhooks



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Unlimited client accounts
Real-time Alerts
Advanced Client Filters
Priority Support
Meta Integration & webhooks

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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

How will ClientView benefit me as an account/traffic manager?

ClientView automates tracking, reporting, and alerts, saving you time and effort. With ClientView, you can easily track client results, organize clients efficiently, and generate performance reports. This allows you to focus on optimizing campaigns and delivering better service.

Can ClientView help me identify potential issues or rising lead costs?

Yes, ClientView provides proactive alerts for rising lead costs and potential issues with CRM integrations. You will receive timely notifications, allowing you to take immediate action and optimize your campaigns effectively.

How can ClientView help me with reporting and performance analysis?

ClientView centralizes all client metrics, making it easy to generate reports and analyze performance trends. You can track key metrics and gain insights to make informed decisions.

How will ClientView benefit me as an agency owner?

With ClientView, your account/traffic managers become more efficient. By automating tracking, reporting, and alerts, ClientView eliminates tedious tasks and allows your team to focus on delivering exceptional service to clients.

Can ClientView help me optimize my agency's operations?

Absolutely. By streamlining client result management and reporting, ClientView frees up your team's time. With ClientView, your team can focus on improving campaign performance and exploring new opportunities.

How can ClientView contribute to better client retention?

ClientView provides a centralized and automated solution for tracking and reporting client results. This transparency and proactive management enhance client satisfaction and build trust.

Will ClientView help me make data-driven decisions for my agency?

Yes, ClientView empowers you with comprehensive client performance monitoring. By analyzing key metrics and historical trends, you gain valuable insights for informed decision-making.


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